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Sri Rajendra Kumar Somani


Sri Krishna Kumar Somani

Managing Director

RHL Profiles Limited is promoted by Mr. Rajendra Kumar Somani and Mr. Krishan Kumar Somani, who are the descendants of a Marwari family popularly known as the ‘Dhuliawalas’, originating from Didwana (Rajasthan) and having their roots way back since 1664. During the last four centuries the family expanded and the members of the family branched themselves out to different parts of the country into various businesses.

The group has had interest in steel and metals trade since 1905. Mr. Hari Kishan Somani, father of Mr. Rajendra Kumar Somani started a foundry and machinery workshop in the city of Kanpur and was engaged in the manufacture of engineering and machinery parts for the Cotton, Textile, Sugar and other Engineering industries of the region.

The group ventured into the steel trading, import / export of steel products, export of iron ore etc. in the 1940’s when Mr. Rajendra Kumar Somani and his brothers joined their father in the family business. The country at that time had just gained its independence from the British rule and was in the midst of formulating an Industrial policy and Five year plans for its growth and development. The group diversified into manufacturing of steel Bars in the year 1957 to take advantage of the expected boom in the steel sector emerging out of the industrial and developmental boom spurred by the commencement of the 1st Five year plan and the implementation of the country’s industrial policy.

Later on, the group also integrated backwards by setting up a mini steel plant based on Electric Arc Furnace route of capacity 36,000 MT/annum to manufacture steel Ingots (Raw material for steel Bars) at Sonik, Unnao about 40 kilometres away from the city of Kanpur. A public limited company in the name of Somani Iron & Steels Limited (“SISL”) was incorporated and floated in the year 1971–72 for promoting this business venture of the group.

The family division between Mr. Rajendra Kumar Somani and his brothers took place in the year 1974–75. SISL went to Mr. Rajendra Kumar Somani and the other manufacturing ventures of steel Bars, Foundry and Engineering workshop went to his brothers.

Mr. Krishan Kumar Somani was compelled to join his father, Mr. Rajendra Kumar Somani in the family business abandoning his studies at IIT, Kanpur following the sudden demise of Mr. Hari Kishan Somani in the year 1977. Thereafter, in the year 1978 the group acquired a small steel rolling mill of capacity 5,000 MT/annum which was later on renamed as RHL Profiles Limited.

RHL Profiles Limited made rapid progress through capacity expansions, addition of new product lines, increase in sales revenue, increase in market penetration and innovative marketing strategies. The primary focus of the management was/is to concentrate on producing high quality products which provides required strength, elongation and value to the customers and end users. The management with its innovative thinking and long term vision created awareness about the need for the quality steel products through advertisements and publicity of its manufactured products in an era when steel was completely unbranded and was being marketed by small uneducated and unscrupulous dealers having little or no regard for quality and customer care. The company was thus, successful in creating a powerful brand RHL for its manufactured products which commands a price premium of approximately 7%-10% for its consistent quality of the manufactured products and associated services.